Taiwan Representative to US Jason Yuan "Disguised" as an Ambassador ?

As Taiwan being pushed closer toward China, expect
to see more of this ego-feeding self-promotion shit.

Taiwan has no official diplomacy link with USA, so there's no so-called "Taiwan ambassador" to USA. The head of Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States (TECRO), the official diplomatic office of Taiwan, is called "Representative" in the past decades.

However, Taiwan's Representative in US, Jason C. Yuan (袁健生), is now self-promoted to "Ambassador" in an official announcement by TECRO for the recent U.S. Congress-held reception in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the enactment of the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA). (Liberty Times report: 我駐美代表處 稱袁健生大使))

The screenshot (see below) of that announcement 美國聯邦參眾議員踴躍出席在國會舉行之「台灣關係法」立法30週年酒會) shows that the term "Ambassador Yuan" (袁大使)appears 7 times so it appears to be intended. (Click on it to see the larger image; click [here] to see the screenshot of entire page)

According to the Liberty Times, this doesn't seem to happen before. Sometimes people call him Ambassador in conversations out of politeness, but it has never been put in any official document. So a common reaction to this "official self-promotion" is what is behind this.

LT questions:


How would the USA government take this ? Will she allow (TECRO to call Representative Yuan as Ambassador)? Is it true that from now on Taiwan's representative in USA can claim to be Ambassador and use that term in official documents or in public ?

I can tell you in straight answer: IN--YOUR--DREAM !

See TECRO's official English version of that same announcement (Click on it to see the larger image. Click [here] for the screenshot of entire page):

All 7 places where the term "Ambassador Yuan" (袁大使) appears in the Chinese version are "Representative Yuan" in the English version.

It is obvious that he is self-promoted only in front of Taiwanese people.

Should we be surprised ?

Remind you that Jason Yuan is the major blue player who conspired in the base-less accusations of 'Bulletgate' conspiracy in 2004 (KMT gives Congress `Bulletgate', DPP counters `Bulletgate').

As Taiwan being pushed closer toward China, expect to see more of ego-feeding self-promotion shit in the future.

Uurrhhh ... the above statement doesn't seem to fit Ma Ying-jeou, who in fact going the other way around to insult and humiliate himself by downgrading from "President" to "Mr." ...

But ... come to think of it twice --- Ma humiliates himself ONLY in front of China. It seems to be a common ground that they have the gut to maintain a high attitude ONLY in front of Taiwanese people.


Readin [10/4/09 22:39] said...

If he had used "Ambassador" in English and been forced to change the language by U.S. diplomats, it would have been a humiliation for Taiwan. So he was probably prudent to avoid it.

But he was right to get away with as much as he could. Language determines reality for too many people. The more Taiwan can push the envelope toward using the terms that are correct for a sovereign nation, the easier it will be for Taiwan to gain recognition as such, or at least to gain sympathy for the idea that China shouldn't be allowed to take their sovereignty.

Controlling the language is important. It would be helpful to someday point out to Americans that even though Taiwan's ambassador is always called "representative" in English, he is always known as "ambassador" in Chinese.

Ok, it's a small thing. But ever little bit helps.