[0606] Ma threatened the law : the government be run by different party

Ma Ying-Jeou, after being reluctant to get involved in the recall of President Chen for a while, now is actively leading his party KMT toward the goal of the recall in full speed. And, according to this report, KMT has an opinion on the progress of investigation on the "so-called" scandals . They think that the law enforcement doesn't "make the investigation speedy enough to satisfy KMT." So, now, the law in Taiwan DOES serve KMT ?????

More rediculous is how KMT's president Ma commented on this. He actually threatened the entire Taiwan investigation system by saying:

"One day the government will be run by a different party"
"All the things and people (about the current investigation) could be investigated (by the new government)"

How could a political leader in a supposedly democratic country openly threaten the entire law system with possible future retaliation in such a blunt manner ? And he threatens the law simply because that the way the investigation proceeds doesn't satify KMT's thirst !!

Ma also "announced" his "five-big-reasons" for pushing the recall:

1. To teach next generation ( by showing them what they could end up with for being pro-green? )
2. For Taiwanese dignity ( So Taiwanese dignity is saved by surrendering to pan-blue's society-breaking action? )
3. For Taiwan's democracy ( by showing people how to punish a person for a crime he never commited? )
4. For DPP's future ( Huh? When is Ma the DPP president as well ? )
5. To warn the law system ( HUH??? By threatening them that pan-blue can even recall a president, let alone any law guy ? )

In response to Chen's rebuttal against the accusation of him mentioned by pan-blue, Ma said:

"It's not me who asked him to corrupt; I told him not to corrupt, but he didn't listen to me. You can't blame me for that ..."

Now, in order to make his move of recall sounds justified, Ma has crossed the line of rationale and accused openly Chen of corruption, which is a shameless lie. He knew that President Chen didn't corrupt but now in order to achieve his personal agenda he'd rather lie.

So, how can you imagine a person like Ma won't fold under pressure ? Do you like him to be your future president ?


[0606] Ma: Chen will die a very tragic death !!

-- in response to Michael Turton's post Ma Ying-Jeou, Man in Motion

Ma (Ying-Jeou, 馬英九) doesn't seem to up to the job of a leader (of Pan-blue's). After holding up his attitude about recall for the presidency for days, in order to convince pan-blue supporters that he is still the leader, he said something like these:

"I could be very cruel when time comes."

"If Chen doesn't resign, but instead steps down by recall, he will die a tragic death !!"

What kind of political leader in a democratic country would use that kind of language, especially in a seriously divided society ? It's more like the barbarian communist politicians threatening their opponents.

With him going gradually closer to the center of political conflict, Ma does slowly reveal his true nature.

馬:不辭 扁會死得很難看


In response to an anonymous reader's post:

The point isn't on whether Ma was calling for Chen's assassination or not. In a society, not to mention a heavily divided one, any responsible political learder would always consider the impact of his/her words on easily provoked supporters, and avoid any hint or encouragement that might, on some emotional people, lead to violent actions.

Obviouisly Ma doesn't care about the possible violent consequence of what he said. He doesn't care if his words are taken as a 'go' signal for executing an assassination.

Or, maybe it's not fair to say so --- maybe that's exactly what he wanted. We don't really know, do we? Maybe that 'signal' has already triggered a secret plot under the surface, who knows ?

Don't forget the fact that 3(?) years ago there was a pan-blue guy openly called for a team to assassinate the president. That "call for assassination" news was all over the media.


[0606] Society-breaking conspiracy in Taiwan (2)

Follow-up from the (1) ...

Here is another typical example [1] of pan-blue's "society-breaking conspiracy". In this case, again, a public guilty sense was induced through media by pan-blue's manipulation with premature judgements based on pure circumstantial guesses and imaginations, way before any legal investigations were conducted.

It was followed by an investigation heavily biased by the outraged public pressure. In the end, the judge sentenced the accused 10 years in jail, 2 more years than what the district attorney asked for. Why 2 more years? The judge said that it is because the accused "deny the crime to the death" (死不認罪).

According to the news report [1][2], the official verdict, which is supposed to list the details of the crimes that the district attorneys can come up with, includes statements like these:

-- Crime motive:
"Because the accused knows X and Y pretty well in person, he SHOULD have the motive to commit this crime."

-- How the crime is committed:
"The accused SOMEHOW committed the crime"

-- Evidence:
"A telephone record between the accused and X showed conversation length of 0 second, indicating that a "signal" for committing the crime was sent."

When you call someone but the phone is not picked up, it shows 0 second on record. So to live in Taiwan, you'd better be home 24 hours a day, and make sure that the recipient be home before you make any call. Otherwise you might one day become a criminal because of that.

According to the accused, the judge ignored all or most of his not-guilty evidences, and made the judging based on public opinions but not facts, making the official verdict read more like a novel [2].

It's for certain that this "novel" will serve as an example for the current hot case about the first family --- if the investigation
and the sentencing of Chao, Jian-Ming (趙建銘)came out anything less, expect waves of anti-court, anti-government, society-breaking demonstrations launched by pan-blue.

It's a pitty that pan-green never came up with any way to counter this trick, even after so many years of fighting against pan-blue.


[0606] Society-breaking conspiracy in Taiwan

Taiwan has police stations and courts where a person can go report anything illegal. But Chiu Yi didn't go that legal path. Instead, he talks to the public through media, and planted seeds into people's minds, **before the legal system has a chance to investigate**.

Why does he not follow the legal way?

If you look into what he said carefully, most accusations he made were just not fact but suspecions. He (and other pan-blue politicians) is good at exagerating the suspecions, adding up all circumstancial evidences and making it look guilty. This process provokes the public. Then, a looked-guilty, people-outraged case is investigated. If it ends up with not-guilty charges, Chiu then has the outraged people to support him to ramp the court.

If he goes legal way, all those circumstancial suspecions will have no chance to be manipulated. Only by provoking public first, by which he can tag those suspecions with his own judgement, can he turn doubts into something more.

So the justice-seeking process in Taiwan now has the following pattern:

Pan-blue :
--> raise suspecions to public;
--> exagerated with premature accusation;
--> people got provoked;
--> whole country shouted guilty before any legal investigation
--> district attorneys step in
--> if they don't charge the accused, pan-blue mobilize people to the street

This pattern has been repeatedly used by pan-blue in the past couple of years, and probably will be used again and again in the future.

Judging from the extent of damage it brought to Taiwan's society, I can't stop wondering if Chinese government is behind all these.

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