China Has Excess of 32 Million More Young Men Than Women

"Destroy by population" is like an arsenate poison in
the soft drink -- by the time you know, you are dead.

A report published in the British Medicine Journal presents the research result on the ratio of males to females under age of 20 in China (the highlight is mine):

4,764,512 people under the age of 20 were included. Overall sex ratios were high across all age groups and residency types, but they were highest in the 1-4 years age group, peaking at 126 (95% confidence interval 125 to 126) in rural areas. Six provinces had sex ratios of over 130 in the 1-4 age group. The sex ratio at birth was close to normal for first order births but rose steeply for second order births, especially in rural areas, where it reached 146 (143 to 149). Nine provinces had ratios of over 160 for second order births. The highest sex ratios were seen in provinces that allow rural inhabitants a second child if the first is a girl. Sex selective abortion accounts for almost all the excess males. One particular variant of the one child policy, which allows a second child if the first is a girl, leads to the highest sex ratios.

With the conclusion:

In 2005 males under the age of 20 exceeded females by more than 32 million in China, and more than 1.1 million excess births of boys occurred. China will see very high and steadily worsening sex ratios in the reproductive age group over the next two decades. Enforcing the existing ban on sex selective abortion could lead to normalisation of the ratios.

Imaging that Taiwan's total population is only 23 million. The number of Chinese young men who can't find a wife is 1.5 times larger than Taiwan's population, and getting worse ...

And recall China government's effort to destroy Tibetan's culture by massive migration of Chinese into Tibet after Chinese invaded Tibet ...

This does sound a serious alarm especially when Ma Ying-jeou's trying impatiently to annex Taiwan to China. After all, when you are tightly bound to China, you have to share everything China has, not just the fantasy of imagined economy benefits.

So, a serious warning for any one wants to marry a Taiwanese lady: you might not want to wait until Ma Ying-jeou opens doors to all those competitors ...