Pro-Taiwan online forums (媒抗, 海國公民學校, 南方論壇, 台灣小站)

Finally, the socialforce forum (媒抗) is back to service. I also want to take this chance to introduce several pro-Taiwan forums that I recommend strongly. Some has "Overseas" section for people away from Taiwan to chat.

  1. 媒抗 (Socialforce)

  2. 海國公民學校

    This is a forum that I posted frequently around 2004 ~ 2005 (previously known as 海國論壇, which came from 茶黨。茶黨 is also the source where 媒抗 came from). There are several threads of very serious discussions that are still active today:


    I spend more effort introducing this because people in this forum are not chasing the news. They spend more time on deep thoughts and concerns on what kind of future society we should build.

  3. 南方論壇

    Pretty similar to 媒抗.

  4. 台灣小站

    Established by a netter 恆愛台 whom I met in 海國公民學校 and 媒抗。The youngest among the 4.

Comparison of approval rates between Chen and Ma conducted by pro-Ma media

The chart is a translation of its chinese version created by BillyPan. It might give you some idea about why Ma Ying-jeou and KMT hate and fear Chen Shui-bian so much.


DPP gives up communicating to the outside world completely ??

(Updated Note: See the bottom for the comment from Julia who helped @ the Department of International Affairs of DPP for the difficulties DPP is facing now.)

The DPP and pro-green camp are gonna launch a large scale protest against Ma Ying-jeou and his government on May 17.

I can't find any English statement anywhere. For such a large scale protest, it seems odd to me that the DPP doesn't seem to care about what the international media would think.

In fact, it seems to be the pattern. The most updated news appears in the News section is dated December 16 and 15, 2008, in DPP's official English and Japanese website, respectively -- when that in the Chinese version is updated daily. I have been checking that constantly for sometime, yet nothing is updated in those sections in the last 5 months. (Corresponding url links to the above pages are unavailable, 'cos the design of DPP's website makes all pages appear to have the same url. This is a very very bad design).

Has the DPP completely blocked out the the communication channel -- all by herself -- to the outside world ? When the KMT has dedicated a very active website KNN to communicate in English on a daily basis, how can the DPP gain any global support with a 5 months old website?

I worry about this because in the soon coming crash(es) between the green side and Ma government, without an official channel to communicate to the outside world, Ma and KMT are gonna take the lead of event interpretation, which will not only render the protest efforts wasted, but also put those participators in danger of being criminalized by KMT's single-sided and often faulty broadcasting.

I recalled how much the students in the Wild Strawberry Movement cared about the global opinion in the movement they started last November. Dedicated websites in several foreign languages were established. Is it true that students without any political experience can outperform the DPP in how an opposition movement should be done in this information era ?

At the mean time, the personal website of the DPP chairperson, Tsai Ing-wen, is quite active (AGAIN, NO ENGLISH OR JAPANESE). Some might think that she keeps herself up with the current of information technology by having a personal blog is a good thing. But, she is now the head of the DPP. By voicing her idea on her personal blog and thus drawing attentions to her own website but not to the DPP's, I wonder how good it is to the DPP.

Update: I just spotted Claudia Jean's article about Ma Ying-jeou's blog. The article is based on Billy Pan's exploration (荒唐!一個要花160萬的部落格) that Ma Ying-jeou is gonna spend NT$1,600,000 (US$48,800) taxpayers' money EVERY YEAR for his personal blog when a blog can be run and maintained for free.


Ma Pampered Taiwan Police into Terrorists

Check out the following blogs to see how Taiwan police brings harassment and fears into the daily lives of a violence victim -- and his friends, neighbors and family -- of the recent Tainan violence incident:

(1) 我被警察監控!!?? (in Chinese, a blog written by one of the students protesters)

(2) More from the Tainan Incident (By Arthur Dent)

Also, don't miss this video of the violence from a birdz view angle.

You can see that the police allowed the violence to happen, and then arrested the violence victims immediately.

But this is not the first time. The cooperation between the police and the gangsters seems to become a pattern that Ma Ying-jeou allowed it to keep going.

It's clear that the police is where the problem really is. Without any punishment on those police-turned-gangsters, Ma Ying-jeou has practically pampered Taiwan police into a force of national terrorists ...


Awkward, Secret and Nontransparant Interactions

The interactions between USA President Barak Obama and his wife Michelle has transmitted the warmth of love around the world, which is in line perfectly with Obama's emphasis on the family values.

In contrary, The interaction between Ma Ying-jeou and his wife in public transmits a totally different image.

Ma's wife, Chow Mei-ching(周美青), is the honorary president of Taiwan's Red Cross, which had a ceremony yesterday. Ma was invited to be a special guest to award prizes.

According to this report by udn:

Dressed in trim suits, Ma Ying-jeou, who was invited to award prizes, entered the room when Chow was walking toward the stage. They saw each other, passed each other without even a greeting. They then turned to opposite directions, as though they were performing in a movie.

The distinct strangeness between them is extremely weird. Not only wasn't there any single word exchange during the entire event, but also their seats were arranged in opposite sides of a walkway.

This type of interaction is rarely seen even between political rivals who have fought hard against each other all their lives.

Ma started his speech with a very formal greeting to his wife, "The honorary president Chow ...". The entire room brought into laughters, but Chow didn't show much facial expression in response.

Ma finished his speech and it's Chow's turn to award prizes. They kept a distance when they were both on the stage without any interaction, until later the president of Taiwan Red Cross, C.V.Chen (陳長文), dragging them closer and painstakingly forced them to shake hand.

That awkward handshaking was the only contact between the two. The photo taken reveals how strange it is (see it here. If it disappears, see the bottom of this post, my highlight).

Chinese always brag about the family values as the distinct feature of Chinese tradition that is missing in the Western countries. It is quite ironic that the family harmony are now displayed and emphasized by the USA's first family but Ma Ying-jeou's family displays the lack of it.

Talking about C.V. Chen, I am not sure if it is well known to the outside world that he is one of the masterminds behind the scene to push Ma Ying-jeou to sell out Taiwan with the economic plans.

According to this report (in Chinese; check the bottom of this post for a google-translated version), Ma Ying-jeou knew very well that the plan of ECFA is "Shoot first without knowing where the target is," and C.V. Chen, who has been Ma's lawyer for a long time, is the real power behind the scene to control all the steps and even the direction of all cross-strait policies.

That is, the entire crew of the government's Mainland Affairs Council (MAC, 陸委會), supposedly the official authority to deal with cross-strait affairs according to the law, is left out of valuable information, critical secret meetings and behind the table decisions and surrendering packs between Ma's government and China. It is rendered completely powerless. Ma Ying-jeou did his sellout plan by violating the law and by avoiding the monitoring of Taiwanese people. The MAC and president of MAC, the green-turning-blue former legislators-at-large of Taiwan Solidarity Union(台聯) Lai Shin-yuan(賴幸媛) are played as tools to present a false impression of law-binding upfront to the camera, and to shoulder responsibility in case things went wrong.

Reference: Google-translated version of the report:

"BIG BROTHER C.V.Chen's critical role in Ma Ying-jeou's ECFA rush"

Ma Ying-jeou, to promote ECFA admits is "first and then painting the target archery," he has always been indecisive, this time to show "non-doing can not be" the arbitrary will of Ma Ying-jeou's cross-strait issues, "Big Brother" Chen Chang-wen, a key role.


Network across the Taiwan Strait on May 3 hearing despite strong industry opposition and weak opposition, Ma Ying-jeou, to promote contact with mainland China signed the "cross-strait trade and economic cooperation framework agreement" (ECFA) has been the policy is "established" again!


This decision-making process behind how exactly is going on?


Most people do not say it was, in fact, "the Macedonian government" sector is also the situation of most of the units, the only orders of the act and run errands, the real core of the very few to Taiwan's "Red Cross" president Chen the "outside the system" the most crucial role.


One of the advisers for many years to follow the horse said, "the National Security Council," the Secretary-General Su Chi of course, because the identity of participation in decision-making positions, but he is not the soul of the outside world has not noticed that the rationale for legal law firm of Chen Chang-wen is the real face of the horse have an important say in cross-strait affairs people.


Ma Ying-jeou, Chen Chang-wen in the other provinces in the small circle of powerful older is the eldest child, before and after 1992, cross-strait relations, Lee Teng-hui to promote dialogue in the beginning, that is, Chen Pei-tsun is a series of talks on the Chinese mainland main.


Through the Red Cross-strait talks in Kinmen, the Strait opened end of the Cold War between the two sides in contact with the first crack, the powerful Chen-led, and even Lee could not obtain the contents of their talks.


Ma Ying-jeou is the same period of the "Mainland Affairs Council," vice chairman, is the小老弟Chen, capacity and participation is far less than that only of respect.


Later, Lee Teng-hui's decision-making power in order to get the two sides, the establishment of the Straits Exchange Foundation, Koo Chen-fu in Taiwan Gangster boss before the end of Chen's "proxy", but Chen Chang-wen in mainland China relations and the network operators do not always stop, and he has always had a high degree of interest.


Ma Ying-jeou, despite the opposition to insist on promoting the "pressure"?


News that the horse was the wife of weeks earlier the United States Green intended to be honorary president of the identity of the Red Cross to visit mainland China is not groundless, a positive go-between who is Chen Chang-wen, ZHOU Mei-Ching was the "president" as his wife, the Red Cross office is Chen Changwen lobbying and arrangements, we can see two close friends.


Chen suggested that the planning week why Green's visit to the United States, the Department believes that the United States Green Week's "first lady" status flexibility, but is very representative, I am not suitable in the case of Ma Ying-jeou, the week-fu battle on behalf of the United States Green may have the significance of ice-breaking, necessarily lead to cross-strait events.


But after news caused some waves, but since the whole scheme is not aborted, but are waiting for the right time.


Chen can come, "Joe" Zhou's visit to the United States in matters relating to Green, he's Ma Ying-jeou's cross-strait policy say, is easy, in fact, the role of Chen not only so, as a result of long negotiations, a professional lawyer, he involved in cross-strait secret communication, deep, far more than outsiders imagine.


Insiders pointed out that a "cross-strait economic cooperation framework agreement," regardless of CECA or call ECFA, that there are already between the two sides and jointly promote the understanding, and Chen Jue Gong shuttle them to Wei, Ma Ying-jeou, the opposition did not seriously, determined to promote, because the other side have already sent a message, and now the other side should not be allowed to feel how he "could not cover."


Hu Jintao, the "Message to Compatriots in Taiwan" the thirtieth anniversary of the "Hu six" policy toward Taiwan, strongly advocated the signing of cross-strait economic cooperation agreement, Ma Ying-jeou of the messenger contacts with the mainland has been testing the wind, it is learned that as long as the message to comply with the mainland "one China," nothing to talk about the position, "the lowering of tariffs and the proportion of the project are minor issues."


Ma Ying-jeou of the information so that a very exciting, that compromise the sincerity of the mainland, he just try to persuade Taiwan to the "one China" to the doubts and fears.


Chen claims that school, the two sides to the current works in the "pragmatic" in order to reverse the DPP over the past eight years because of the "Taiwan independence" and delay the normalization of cross-strait economic and trade relations between the phase-way, and now back up to speed, "one in the "framework now can not eat no one who will be the democratization of mainland China, the pursuit of cross-strait unification is easily realized," is not a big problem. "


In this assessment, the Ma Ying-jeou was instructed, "the system" from the Soviet Union plan to promote the follow-up issues, he said in mid-February the signing of the CECA is the "established policy" to proceed to lay out in a climate of public opinion, "the National Security Council "and come after the inter-called" ministerial "meeting on propaganda CECA policy and changed its name to ECFA into the decision-making suggested that Ma Ying-jeou, I am on television by public announcement.


Lai Shin-yuan position, Chii-ming, when EU officials


This top-down tasks, the mainland policy of the competent authority "MAC" is the situation from start to finish, the Lai Shin-yuan, not only did not understand the first time "above is to play really," the vice-chairman of a number of senior even has reservations about the gradual and orderly progress should not be impatient, so in a public statement at a press conference several times, have been confirmed soon afterwards purely a "personal opinion", does not mean that decision-making intention, which allow the "MAC" very embarrassing.


Ma Ying-jeou praised for being "a rare talent" and "Minister of Economic Affairs," Chii-ming, in the "premier" Liu named after the order for the EU as first-line officers, it is necessary to force the wave of the ECFA advocate and is responsible for contact Solidarity with the relevant industry come forward in order to create public support.


However, due to the DPP leader Tsai Ing-wen, under the strong opposition from academics and industry Strong domestic demand to question the traditional "government" procedures that lack of communication, so that Ma Ying-jeou was very upset, saying that "the Ministry of Economic Affairs," has not done enough to once again request strong publicity in April, signed with China the benefits and necessity of ECFA, the imperative can be seen the decision-making authorities.


However, a "government" who privately admitted that Ma Ying-jeou in the March 20 press conference that the second half of this year there will be initial progress ECFA, this is not only risky, but totally inconsistent with the conventional negotiations.


For one thing, is that the Government of the content of ECFA is simply not adequate discussion and research, and even commissioned "by the hospital in" The assessment will take some time after the release, scheduled to appear early in haste; Secondly, the opposition has not been respect, as well as the majority of people understand what is the ECFA circumstances, it is bound to increase the rebound in the future a greater resistance; most important thing is that with the mainland has not been on the table, so that the behavior first hand lift, the negotiators will be tied hands tied,腹背受敌.


From "outside the system," first, "the system" to catch up with the decision-making, Ma Ying-jeou again did a great adventure, ECFA delicate operation is clearly not enough, following the ruling and opposition parties will not cause a new wave of confrontation between the conflict?


Opaque black box of government decision-making, lack of supervision will not cause a high degree of concern?


I am afraid that the political arena is ready for the next storm.

(來源:台灣《財訊》月刊) (Source: Taiwan's "Wealth" magazine)




網友微笑酥油婷在她的一篇文章 Fraud or Mistake? 中寫道:

記得出社會的第一份工作,是在一家Freight forwarder做會計,一開始都好好的,一直到老闆跟我說,某些帳務不用入到系統時,我就害怕了起來,分明就是要我做帳,所以做了一個月就編個理由跑掉了,後來到新公司面試時,我就直接跟經理說,如果要我做帳,那就不用面試了,因為我是不可能做的,然後,就讓我遇到一個正直的老闆,在她手下做得很開心。






Fallen Taiwanese platform

Following a two-day unwarned shutdown two weeks ago, the pro-green stronghold forum, Socialforce(媒抗), is again down for 3 days now. I wonder if it will ever com back this time.

In the past 6 years Socialforce has been a place providing tremendous support and inspiration to the growth of Taiwanese consciousness for many many Taiwanese. Many consider it a daily source for meeting and interacting with people who have like minds.

Now not only those pro-Taiwan people will lose the warmth and comfort of a social life in a like-minded environment - which is extremely critical for Taiwanese, but also tens of thousands of good articles, discussions, translations, information sharings accumulated in the past 6 years or so would be gone forever.

It's a terrible blow came at a very terrible time. How much more bad news do we have to take?

Dignity Going Astray

This morning, I was browsing the net and was brought to a youtube video that's about Japan's Self Defense Force:

(click for more similar videos)

The display of forces is sure amazing. But what hits me is the comment by a netter from Mexico City:

Japan its one of the best countries in the world and the most disciplinated.

I sit there, staring at the sentence, and started crying.

Japan is a country that is well respected. When, and how, will Taiwan achieve that, if it's even possible ?

Can the sense of dignity be learned ?