KMT Chairman Wu Avoids Acknowledging Ma as President

In a presidential election, people cast
votes to elect a President, not a Mr.

In the opening ceremony of The 3rd Cross-Strait Hakka Summit Forum (第三屆海峽兩岸客家高峰論壇) yesterday, KMT's Chairman Wu Poh-hsiung (吳伯雄) gave a speech, in which he called Ma Ying-jeou "Mr. Ma," avoiding the fact that Ma was elected the President.

Wu said in his speech,

"Mr. Ma Ying-jeou sent a a congratulatory telegram. Not only so, Mr. Ma wanted I to express the most sincere welcome for him."

The forum is held in Taiwan but, among its ~500 attendees, there are some 150 scholars from China.

According to the Liberty Times (中國客前 吳伯雄稱總統馬先生), Wu's behavior is suspected as lowering self-esteem in front of Chinese.

But this is not new. Even Mr. Ma himself would do such a thing. Prior to the visit of Chen Yunlin (陳雲林), Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait Chairman from China, last November, Ma suggested that Chen can call him "Mr. Ma" without the acknowledgement of his title.

They all forgot a very important issue.

When people go to the voting booths to vote for a president, they give their power to a candidate through the process of giving him/her the title of President.

That is, the power of a President comes with the title. One cannot claim the power of a president without acknowledging the President title. That's the contract signed between the candidate and the people.

It's a very simple common sense that doesn't need much IQ to understand:
  • You cannot exercise the power of an attorney without having a title of lawyer
  • You don't have the right of a Mayor if you give up the title of Mayor
  • You cannot arrest people in the name of law without acknowledging the title of policeman/woman
  • etc, etc ...
Similarly, when you fail to acknowledge the title of President given by the people, you no longer have the right to represent the people as a President.

Some intelligent people in KMT doesn't seem to understand this common sense.

But, hey, come to think of it --- maybe deep down Wu Poh-hsiung doesn't really want to call Mr. Ma President (~~~ hint hint ~~~). Who knows ?


Anonymous [29/3/09 01:37] said...

If he gives up his tile, people should strip him of his power. Impeach him whenever possible.