Newslets(090414) - Corruption Survey, Indifferent soldiers, Jumbo Signboard

Just Tell Me If You Are Corrupt, Damn It! (09.04.13) - In response to Ma Ying-jeou's rage over the high rising corruptions under his less-than-a-year administration, the administration of corruption-tainted army (買官弊案 今移審板院), Ministry of National Defense (MND), establishes an anti-corruption taskforce MND Special Unit of Anti-corruption Reconstruction Movement (國防部廉政建設行動專案編組), convened by the Minister of National Defense Chen Chao-min (陳肇敏) himself.

To get a grip of how corrupt the army is, the Unit kick starts her investigation with a Survey of Self-Clearance Investigation (自清問卷調查) to ask military officers if they are corrupt. (馬總統重話要肅貪 陳肇敏親任國防部廉政行動召集人, 靠「問卷」查貪?李慶華:國防部玩假的!失敗就下台!)

Soldiers Watch On-going Robbery (09.04.14) - A robbery happened in a supermarket in Kinmen island. At least 5 soldiers stood inside the store watching without doing anything. One of them chased after the robber, but was called back by his colleagues. (金門超商遇劫 5軍人冷血旁觀)

Coordination by Jumbo Ads Signboard (09.04.15) - Last week the DPP completed a controversial nomination to pick Lee Chun-yee(李俊毅) for the 2009 Tainan County Magistrate election later this year. Lee's nomination rival, Mark Chen (陳唐山), who is much more favored by Tainan County residents, insists to answer to voters' call. In his two terms of service in that same position before, Chen enjoyed #1 approval rate every year for 8 straight years in surveys covering all magistrates and mayors in Taiwan. A recent public opinion poll against potential KMT nominee shows that he still enjoys 65% support, 19% larger than Lee's (陳唐山︰民調挺我).

After failing to persuade Chen to give up, Lee puts up 3 jumbo signboards along the highway which reads: "Old Magistrate, Please! Yield to New Generations" (請老縣長、牽成後輩). (李俊毅設T霸 望陳唐山牽成). The cost of each signboard is said to be $NT 200,000 (~ 6,500 US$).