DPP's 2009 Nomination Measures

DPP's recent pick of Tainan County municipal nominee Lee Chun-yi (李俊毅) has triggered widespread controversy that could potentially split her supporters in Tainan - the former President Chen Shui-bian's hometown and DPP's strong hold for the past 16 years -- apart.

One of the issues is if DPP violates her own game rules by not nominating Mark Chen (陳唐山), who leads Lee CY by margins as large as 20% in more than one public opinion polls.

That is, both DPP decision makers and Mark Chen think the other party violate the rule.

I received DPP's nomination rules through an email, and translate it here for reference. Translation error(s), if any, is mine (corrections are welcome). The items marked with red, item 6.1, is where DPP's current situation is.
Coordination Measures of Candidate Recruitment for the 2009 Municipal Elections and the Seventh Legislator By-Elections
By the 13th Central Executive Committee, 2nd meeting
September 24th, 2008
1.This Measures is based on the decision made in the 1st meeting of the 13th National Representative Congress.
2.To consult and coordinate the nominees and plan for campaign strategies, a 2009 Campaign Strategy Unit (CSU) is established, consists of one convener and several members, appointed by the party president.
3.The consulting and coordination of nominees should follow the principle of meritocracy to pick the the capable for the party. The CSU should combine the evaluations on integrity and ability, the values and beliefs, the support by the people, and to strengthen the trust of people to this party.
4.The CSU should establish a Consultant Unit (CU) in each constituency and appoint one convener each to take charge of the potential nominees of that area.
CSU would consolidate a list of potential nominees (according to what CU submits) , with that each CU should conduct interviews and submit the report to CSU for discussion.
5If, after the above processes, there's only one potential nominee,
5.1.(CSU) should submit an evaluation report, and recommend the party president to submit the said nominee to Central Executive Committee (中執會) for approval and conducting nomination process.
5.2.If after the consulting there are more than one potential nominees, and if CSU's evaluation indicates the need of coordination, (CSU) should compile a list of nominees to coordinate, and suggest the party president to recruit coordinators.
5.3.If a nominee is decided following the above process, CSU will go ahead with the process 5.1.
6.If there's no way to coordinate a single nominee in a constituency, follow the steps below:
6.1If all potential nominees reach a consensus on a competition rule, and the rule is approved by the CSU, the nominee will be decided by that rule;
6.2If no consensus on any competition rule can be reached, then CSU will select one based on the campaign strategy.
6.3After a nominee suggestion is decided, CSU should go ahead with the 5.1.
7.During CSU's process of consulting and coordination, all potential nominees should follow the party constitution and not to attack one another and not to hurt the image of the party. No action of trying to manipulate the fair process of consulting and coordination. Violators will not be considered as potential nominees, and will be submitted for punishment.
8.This Measures takes effect after the approval by the CEC, and terminates after the nomination for 2009 Municipal Elections and the Seventh Legislator By-Elections.