NCC's Selective Punishment on Pro-green Stations

National Communications Commission (NCC) issued punishments in fine against 11 pro-green ratio stations for encouraging people to protest the visit of Vice President Zhang Ming-qing (張銘清), China's Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait (ARATS, 海協會), on 21th, Nov, 2008.

The reasons of punishment given by NCC are:

"Violating the social order and kindhearted customs", NT$ 13,500 (~ 400 US)
"Using words 'dog shit' and 'bull shit' in the programs, which is an even more serious violation of the social order and kindhearted customs", NT$ 24,000 (~ 700 US$)

As critics point out, when much more serious violations were conducted by pro-blue stations back in 2006 to encourage people to join Red Army, an illegal anti-bian siege, NCC keeps a total blind eye.

NCC was ruled as "unconstitutional" by Council of Grand Justices, the nation's highest court, back in July, 2006 (See Taipei Time's NCC unconstitutional: grand justices). But that doesn't seem to bother a bit for those lawless pro-blue people to keep operating NCC and using it as a political tool against pro-green stations.

Ref (in Chinese): 張銘清案 NCC開罰11家電台, 鼓吹民眾包圍張銘清 11家電台遭NCC罰款








他整天把愛台灣、為台灣好、生死為台灣 。。。掛在嘴上。他對付台灣人的「戰略」就是「愛台」,跟他的理想南轅北轍。


以這個角度看阿扁與馬英九的差別 :







有疑慮的讀者,請花一點時間研究一下 Freddy 閃靈樂團的戰略。他們在去年總統大選時負責謝長廷的年輕選票。選舉結果,泛綠在所有年齡階層只有 Freddy 負責的年輕選票贏過馬英九。

為什麼以所有媒體攻勢與國民黨龐大資金所塑造的馬英九形象,會在年輕階層中敗給 Freddy 的團隊呢?




Chronicle of Taiwan Classic Literature Milestones

After 7 years of studies, "Chronicle of Taiwan Classic Literature Milestones - Ming & Qing" (my translation of "台灣古典文學大事年表.明清篇"), was published by National Cheng Kung University (成功大學) professors Shih Yi Lin (施懿琳) and Liao Mei-Yu (廖美玉).

With total of 800 pages and a time span of 244 years (from 1651 to 1895, 明朝永曆5年 to 清朝光緒21年), the Chronicle follows the time line of Taiwan literatures but also covers writers, critical literal education events, cultural activities, major social events, Qing's Taiwan administrative policies, international major events, important diplomatic polices, etc, under its 5 parts of "Literati", "Literal Education", "Taiwan Major Events", "Qing Major Events", and "Global Major Events" (文人記事、文教記事、台灣大事、清朝大事、世界大事).

It is the first reference book ever published in the field of Taiwan classic literature studies.

Ref: 全球第一本 台灣古典文學大事年表問世

Ma Govt to Extend Thought Control to Elementary Schools

The military officers in colleges and senior high schools, installed by KMT decades ago, have always been the tool for KMT to conduct "thought monitoring" on students. When I was in school back in Taiwan, those military officers represented the terror of KMT's authoritarian power and were the most feared by students.

Now, in the name of "defense education," Ma Ying-jeou government's Ministry of Education's Department of Students' Military Training (DSMT, 軍訓處) is amending a "Plan of Improvement and Adjustment of Military Training Officers Missions in High Schools" (my translation of 高級中等學校軍訓教官工作精進與調整方案) to include junior high and elementary schools into the radar of their thought control ((員額不減 教官擬轉進國中小). It is criticized as 'shameless and turning Taiwan into a military state" (教官進國中小 教師家長批可恥).

DSMT denied such a plan but the whole document (in MS Word format) of their plan can be found on their own site.


Tim Maddog of Taiwan Matters pointed out to me in a private contact that, in less than 24 hr after this post, DSMT removed the entire page from their web site. Tim took a snapshot of that page from google cach, and the DSMT's proposal to put elementary schools to military education (word doc) can be found here: 教官工作精進與調整方案-980202(含完整附件).

Meanwhile, Ministry of Education puts up an announcement in this regard, saying that the content of proposal is distorted by people, that military officers will not be installed in elementary schools. They will just go there to "teach those kids lessons" because "the teachers in junior high and elementary schools don't have the profession to handle defense education." (國民中小學絕對不會建置教官員額 -- 教育部有關推動全民國防教育相關說明)

What on earth do elementary kids need "defense education" for ????

And if it is so justifiable, why did they remove the webpage ?

With KMT's notorious past of brain-washing, I can't wipe out the fear that they are now doing it all over again from the elementary level.

Taiwan to make Notorious Chery car for China

Made-in-China small car Chery Amulet, or Chery QQ, was ranked "the worst ever seen" in a crash test (Chery Amulet - almost no chance to survive). Chinese claimed that the test is biased, but comparison of several cars seems to confirm that, and an accident in which a Chery was turned completely into a small pile of unrecognizable waste (Chery(奇瑞) QQ crashed into a piece,terrible car accident) testifies tragically how terribly unsafe this car is .

A report from carnews.com says that Taiwan auto manufacturer Prince Motor ( 太子汽車 ) will start making Chery for China for both domestic (uurrhhh ... which country?) and overseas buyers.

The report says that it might create more jobs in short term, but wonders if the long-built reputation of "Made in Taiwan" good quality be sacrificed in the future.


Nazi-based Prosecutorial Style in Taiwan

Professor Luby Liao in California reminded us a nice article in NYTimes (Case Against Ex-Leader Stirs Unease in Taiwan).

Emphasizing the circus skit performed by prosecutors involved in Chen's case, the author Keith Bradsher raised global concerns about the fairness in Taiwan's judiciary processes. In one paragraph mentioned is Taiwan's judiciary code is based on Nazi's:

The case has prompted broader concerns about Taiwan's legal code. Its detention and criminal procedure laws were drafted in the 1930s and early '40s by Chinese Nationalist legal scholars who mainly looked to Nazi Germany for ideas. The Nationalists lost China's civil war to the Communists and retreated to Taiwan, which they ruled under martial law until 1987, but essentially the same laws remain on the books.

It's a good thing that NYTimes to have noticed this.

One paragraph of the article mentioned:

But detention centers will no longer record defendants’ conversations with their defense lawyers unless specifically directed to do so by a judge or prosecutor.

It presents a common misconcept that the court ruling has prevented Chen's case from being taped.

The court did say (on 1/20/09) that the taping is ruled as illegal. But it also said that the ruling will NOT take effect until May, 2009. That is, this ruling makes it legal to record defense conversations before then. By the time it takes effect, the prosecutors will most probably have taped everything they want to hear about Chen's defense strategy.

The question is, if it is illegal, why not take effect immediately? Does it take 3 to 4 months for the prosecutor office to NOT RECORD IT ? I just can't think of any logical reason other than Chen's case for the judges to delay the execution of the new ruling. Can you ?

So the court ruling -- contrary to what is commonly believed that it has prevented prosecutor office from jeopardizing Chen's defense -- has in fact provided a legal coverage for prosecutors to tape the conversations between Chen and his visitors. Judging from their blatant Nazi-style prosecutions, the prosecutors would most probably do so, but now in secrecy. If in case the recording is exposed later, or the prosecutors blatantly use the recording as incriminating evidence in the court, the defense will have no legal base to argue that those recordings be excluded -- hey, the court did rule that it's legal before May, remember?


Just found the related TT report (Justices pull plug on supervised meetings), which says,

"The interpretation also says that information gained from the recordings of such a meetings shall no longer be admissible as evidence after May 1."

What is also mentioned in the article: this "inadmissible" ruling actually was in response to a request of a pan-blue defendant who thinks his right is violated by the recording.


In fact, the Council of Grand Justices made such a ruling that the recording on pan-blue's defendant is inadmissible, but in that same ruling made the recording about Chen as admissible !!!

What a judiciary impartiality the honey-tongued Ma Ying-jeou swears to uphold !

Taipei Court Exonerates Shih for 2006 APA Violation

Shih Ming-teh (施明德), together with other 16, were ruled "not guilty" on 2/20/09 by Taipei District Court for launching the anti-Chen siege without pre-approval in 2006, which is a clear violation of Assembly and Parade Act (APA, 集會遊行法).

The APA says that any parade or demonstration should be approved by the police 6 days in advance. But Shih's large-scale anti-Chen protest, aka Red Army, did not get the approval for their extended large-scale protest.

It's a clear violation, but Ma Ying-jeou, Taipei Mayor at that time, didn't shy away from their illegal actions. Instead, the "you-should-follow-the-law" Ma sent breakfast to Shih's headquarters and allowed the Red Army to use the public area in front of Taipei Train Station illegally, causing a lot of troubles for daily traffic.

Even worse, Ma abused his Mayor power to press Taipei police chief Wang Cho-chun (王卓鈞) to ignore APA and to grant the Red Army "legalized on-site" (就地合法), causing not so minor confrontations between Mayor Ma and Taipei police. ( 假學運馬支持 真學運馬不屑)

To exonerate the illegal Red Army, the court sentence issued yesterday says:


Although the anti-Chen assembly was not approved, and it might have caused some inconvenience of people, but it did have some support, so it is within the tolerable range of a democratic country. As a result, the state should pay respect.

It seems to be normal in Taiwan to use the absolute power to interpret the law in favor of your case -- especially when it is the "legalized-on-site" supported by Ma Ying-jeou.


Newslets (09.02.15, Sun)

Taichung Mayor Jason Hu showed you how to violate the law (09.2.12) -- The Tax Bureau (國稅局) emphasized yesterday that the law clearly says a store can issue only one Universal Invoice Lottery receipts (統一發票) for any single product that it sold. However, Taichung Mayor Jason Hu (胡志強) bought a bicycle that is worth 18,000 NT dollars. paid with 4 vouchers (3,000 each) plus some cash, and took 5 receipts - see the first link below for a photo of him showing off the receipts. In response to critics of violating the law, Hu said he didn't see anything wrong. Yea, right, he is a KMT elite, and a pro-blue mayor. In Taiwan they are privileged to see beyond the law.( 1健身車5發票 胡志強拚消費 帶頭違法, 國稅局:單一產品 一張發票 )

KMT Wu Yu-sheng Proposed to Remove 228 from Holiday list (09.2.15) -- Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) caucus deputy secretary-general Wu Yu-sheng (吳育昇) intended to submit a ROC National Holiday Act (my translation of 中華民國國定紀念日與節日法) in which 228 Peace Memorial day (二二八和平紀念日) will be removed from the holiday list. He eventually gave up the idea. (228只紀念不放假?提案立委踩煞車; More informative report here: Taipei Times: Cancel 228 Memorial holiday: legislator)

Out Reach ...

The Last Trip of a Human Right Fighter (09.2.13) -- Alison Des Forges of Human Right Watch, who played a key role in seeking the justice of 1994 Rwanda genocide, died in the crash of Flight 3407 from Newark to Buffalo on February 12, 2009. A great great lost of human being. Please take a few moments to visit this page on HRW: Alison Des Forges - A Tribute.


Infighting over Lin vs.US case - We forget whom we should have been fighting

Taiwan Civil Government (TCG), a group of Taiwanese led by Roger Lin (林志昇) and Richard Hartzell (何瑞元), attended a USA court hearing on Feb. 5th in which they appealed to revoke a previous court decision that declined their argument on US government's sovereignty right over Taiwan.

Michael talked about this in his recent blog (Lin Trial Transcripts: Does the US have sovereignty over Taiwan?). His opinion, as well as the comments given there by readers, seem to go overwhelmingly against TCG's cause or the current lawsuit:

"a crank lawsuit that is simply a waste of the Court's time"

"another aspect of this folly is that it further serves to divide the pro-Taiwan community into more disparate factions"

"The ever fractious nature of Taiwanese movements divides the amount of donated funds available to promote the cause and renders each group in the movement impotent"

"what is the real motivation behind this pointless lawsuit?"

"The whole thing seems more like a vanity project"

I want to remind readers that the situation Taiwan is in right now is very different from 4~5 years ago when TCG started their campaign along this course.

At that moment Taiwan was in control of a pro-independence government marching toward promising self control of sovereignty and a more advanced democracy society. Looking at TCG from that path, it might be easy to conclude that TCG's idea was unnecessary.

But Taiwan is now in a fast slip into China's pocket, i.e., a direction that's totally reverse of that we were going. Ma Ying-jeou has downgraded Taiwan from a state to an area of China, and made cross-strait policies with that China seems to be the only one who gains. The police and judiciary systems are abusing their power, and many regulations to protect Taiwanese rights against the encroachment of China are lifted. Ma Ying-jeou is recreating a pre-228 society in which Taiwan's resources are meant to serve the interests of China nad China only. Long before we have a chance to pick a new president next time, we will most likely lose our rights as a Taiwanese on all fronts. In fact, Ma Ying-jeou said in more than one occasion that his term of presidency is 8 years, despite the fact that 4-years-per-term is defined clearly in the Constitution. In one interview he assured he has 8 years even after the interviewer corrected him. It's very likely that we will not even have the chance to vote for a president any more.

So, how can TI supporters, or any other Taiwanese for that matter, fight against the fast approaching of a total lost ? Does any one have any idea as exactly how ?

The significance of TCG's approach, especially the lawsuit against US government, should therefore be re-visited with this updated context in mind. Contrary to most comments in Michael's blog (and in many other blogs or forums) saying that the lawsuit is useless, I think it plays a very important role to bringing the international attentions to details of Taiwan history. One of the possible positive side is that no matter if TCG wins or not, more people would recognize that either USA is somehow responsible for Taiwanese rights, or Taiwan's status is undecided. In other words, more people will learn that China has no hand in this matter at all. Statements like "Taiwan split from China civil war" would automatically becomes a lie. That is, this would be an add-on to what we have been doing all along.

IMO, with the current situation, TCG's approach might even be the only way out for Taiwan.

As a more specific response to some of the critics, I have been very puzzled by claims like "TCG divides the amount of donated funds available to promote the cause." TCG got their money by fund raising. How can anyone claim that "the money you donate to TCG should have been donated to my cause" and uses that as a base to blame TCG ? In a forum that I participate, a seasoned TIer did just that, blaming TCG when some TI supporters make their own choices to donate money to TCG. How can we assume that if people don't donate their money to TCG they will definitely donate that money to the TI cause ? This sort of fantasy is something I don't get.

As some claimed, the existence of TCG seems to create a situation of splitting among Taiwanese. But, again I have to remind readers, many of those who made this claim play no small part in the splitting they accused TCG of. By launching waves after waves of brutal verbal attacks blaming TCG a splitter, some of them in fact actively play the role of a splitter themselves. The in-fightings extend from Ah-bian's presidency into Ma Ying-jeou's administration (that is, now), and seems to get heated up and up by the recent lawsuit against US. As far as I know, one of the reputable pro-TI columnists has devoted 5 of his recent 6 articles to attacking TCG, turned his column into one that specializes at anti-TCG. In another case the fight went so ugly that some private info of a TCG members was posted to the web.

All these infightings result in an unbelievable situation that when Ma is already half-way done cutting Taiwan's throat, we are still focusing in hand-in-hand wrestling among ourselves.

How can any of us expect to survive Ma using this approach ? When we are fighting a battle against someone, could we possibly win that battle by fighting someone else ? What can we possibly gain if we leave Ma alone but work so hard trying to annihilate TCG ?

On the way of reaching down the end of this article, one voice kept coming out from my mind --- why are you spending time on this, Echo? Ministry of Justice is covering up the crime of Ma Ying-jeou and his sister (Non-lawyer Ma Ying-jeou misrepresents reality yet again); Taichung Mayor Jason Hu says he did nothing wrong when he violated the law (1健身車5發票 胡志強拚消費 帶頭違法), Ma government is opening doors for China to invest in (and control) Taiwan's internet (Newslets (09.02.10, Tue)), etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc ... There are tons of more serious problems to tackle, and every split of seconds you spend on writing (and someone reading) this, Ma and his cohort are getting away from their crime and Taiwan is one step closer to slavery. So JUST-WHAT-ON-EARTH-ARE-YOU-FREAKING-DOING-HERE, ECHO ?

Note: New announcement from TCG.


Newslets (09.02.12, Thur)

Ma government might agree to get Taiwan into WHO as an "area" (09.2.12)-- The spokeswoman of Taiwan Affairs Office of China (中國國台辦), Fan Liqing (范麗青), said that China government is arranging with WHO secretariat to let Taiwan enter WHO with a status of an "area." In response, Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Vice Chairman Liu Teh-hsun (劉德勳) emphasized that Taiwan has been making effort for years to enter WHO, and Taiwan needs to have a role in WHO. He later said that the government will seek solution in the future if Taiwan's status is downgraded. ( 中與世衛密商「台灣地區」參與世衛, 陸委會:台灣入IHR 若遭矮化將與WHO溝通)

Taiwan to reduce annual military exercises (09.2.12) -- to record low of 39 times, with only half of them are live ammunition maneuvers. Why? The military says it's for "energy conservation and carbon reduction" (節能減碳), a policy Ma Ying-jeou announced last year. (國軍重大演訓 半數將不開火 = 媽的!!演習不開槍還演個鳥習呀......)

Ma says 8 USA presidents since the TRA (09.2.11) -- In a meeting with American Enterprise Institute representatives, Ma Ying-jeou said that since the establishment of Taiwan Relation Act 30 years ago, due to efforts of 'eight' USA presidents - Obama included - to follow the same policy, USA is able to maintain a stable relationship in Asia. There are in fact only 6 - Carter, Reagan, 2 Bushes, Clinton, and Obama. Obama has just been in position for less than two months and is tightened up by domestic economic issues. So there are in fact only 5. (算錯美總統 馬見外賓又凸槌)

Historical stone of Japan-era damaged (09.2.12) -- Netters 陳凱劭 [1] and ono [2] researched the origin of a stone in Tong-hsing Park (my spelling, 東興公園) of Tainan City and concluded that the script on the stone was left by a Japanese army commander. Tainan City Government is slow in response to put it into protection. It's now damaged [3]. Another piece of Taiwan history got lost.( many photos in the following sites: [1]台南市東興公園台灣軍司令官本間雅晴題字石, [2]北馬之嘶碑, [3]疑似日治軍官題字石 遭破壞)


Newslets (09.02.10, Tue)

I am trying to start a new style of info sharing that I call "newslets". Essentially a style of news briefing, its contents will be mainly the current events found in news media or forums written in Chinese. That is, the materials less likely reached by English readers. It also gives me a chance to share as many topics as I want in as less time as possible. Each 'newslet' will have short intro no more than one or two paragraphs. Link(s) of the source will be provided but English description may or may not be available.

Ma government open door for China to control Taiwan's internet (09.2.10)-- Executive Yuan announced a draft amendment to the Act for Promoting Private Participation in Public Construction (促進民間參與公共建設法部份條文修正草案), aiming at: (1) internet and media is included in this act, and (2) allow China to invest. It looks like that Ma Ying-jeou is inviting China to control Taiwan's internet, at a time when China just established its internet control with its Golden Shield project.(促參引陸資 立委批後果不堪設想)

Historical drop in import and export (09.2.10)-- Ministry of Finance reported that Taiwan suffered drops in export and import on January by historical high of 44.1% and 56.5%, respectively, comparing to those of last year. The export to China and Hong Kong, the baskets Ma Ying-jeou has thrown all eggs of Taiwan in, also dropped by a historical 58.6%. (上月出口衰退44% 史上最大 )

Premier Liu's brother under investigation (09.2.10)-- for alleged violation of Public Officials' Conflicts of Interests Prevention Act ( 劉兆凱利益迴避案 監院函送法部 ).

IDFs fly without blackboxes for 17 years (09.2.9)-- One of Taiwan-made fighters (IDF) crashed in October last year (2008). The investigation led to a discovery that the record on the blackbox, supposedly 12 min 45 sec long, is completely blank. Further investigation revealed an astonishing fact: the blackboxes of ALL IDFs have never been functioning in the past 17 years, the whole life that IDF has been on service. It seems that the airforce has been lazy on routine check of their weapons.

Even more unbelievable is that the army already knew the blackbox in another IDF, crashed in April, 2004, was blank, but a full exam on all blackboxes of IDF has never come to their minds. Should we be worried? (瞎飛了17年! IDF黑盒子紀錄不全)


Ma govt giving up chance of diplomatic link with Malawi

Malawi President regrets the link with china

The Liberty Times reports (馬拉威 後悔與台灣斷交) that Malawi, the African country that switched her diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China in December, 2007 after 42 years of Taiwan-Malawi relationship, realizes that they have made a big mistake.

Bingu wa Mutharika, President of Malawi, expressed regrets for the diplomatic switch that he made, saying that the help from China is far less than that Taiwan provided before.


After only a little more than a year of formal diplomatic link with China, complaints are built up in Malawi. The 60,000 million (US dollars) aids that China promised at the time of diplomatic negotiation is just a lip service, and there is no sign that China would fulfill their promise in the future. China has no intention to finish the half-done projects that Taiwan had helped started, not to mention to increase the project aids.


Mutharika is not happy with China's empty promises. It is no where near the expectation at the time of establishing the diplomatic link. He is regretful for cutting the diplomatic link with Taiwan, and blames himself for failing the Malawians.

His decision of switching from Taiwan to China shows not only a betrayal of 42-year good relationship, but also the timing -- about 3 months before Taiwan's presidential election -- has made Malawi a political tool of China.

Ironically, President Mutharika used to admire Taiwan so much that in 2005 he broke away from his party United Diplomatic Front, established a party of his own and named it DPP -- after the major Taiwanese political party, Democratic Progressive Party.

Ma government gives up a potential diplomatic link

Taiwan's oversea diplomatic source quickly reported this info back to Ma's government. Supposedly a once-in-a-life-time chance to build up a formal relationship without the need of much effort, Ma government simply trashes it. Government officials make it clear that they will reject the request of rebuilding a diplomatic link with Malawi, if Malawi does make such an attempt. Such a "cut all international relationship" diplomatic strategy is, according to the official, based on Ma Ying-jeou's beautifully named foreign policy "diplomatic truce", a policy of "giving up Taiwan sovereignty on all diplomatic fronts to please China" in reality.

Ma Ying-jeou's surrendering attitude toward China is obviously taken by China as a leverage that makes it much more difficult for Malawi - and any other country for that matter - to maintain a real beneficial relationship with China:


China is maintaining a high attitude, "If Malawi is not satisfied (with the way China treats them), then go ahead to break the diplomatic link. Even they do so, Taiwan will not take them."

The fact is that Ma Ying-jeou's giving up on all diplomatic fronts has not only sacrificed Taiwan's sovereignty, but also hurts the national benefits of those countries Taiwan used to befriend with.

As a result, China is the only winner in this game. Is that what Ma Ying-jeou intended ?

Some links in the past: