Dignity Going Astray

This morning, I was browsing the net and was brought to a youtube video that's about Japan's Self Defense Force:

(click for more similar videos)

The display of forces is sure amazing. But what hits me is the comment by a netter from Mexico City:

Japan its one of the best countries in the world and the most disciplinated.

I sit there, staring at the sentence, and started crying.

Japan is a country that is well respected. When, and how, will Taiwan achieve that, if it's even possible ?

Can the sense of dignity be learned ?


阿牛 [1/5/09 16:33] said...

As someone in love with Taiwan I can tell you this place has plenty of dignity. Hang in there, buddy! The world is seeing more and more already.

Taiwan Echo [1/5/09 20:29] said...

Thanks, buddie. Just too many bad news lately. Strong enemy is what we long expected. What stuns me is a recent realization of the nature of the friendly camp.

Carlos [2/5/09 02:44] said...

Taiwan's military is pretty hopeless. After all, they can't agree on what they're defending and from whom... sometimes the PRC is the enemy and Japan is the ally, now the KMT is trying to reverse that... there's no clarity of purpose. Look at Israel. One of the reasons their military is so skilled is because their morale is great. They know what they're there for. I have some issues with Israel's military, but I envy them, too.

The most common thing I've heard about Taiwan's military is that all the guys pick up smoking while they're in it.