Ma Pampered Taiwan Police into Terrorists

Check out the following blogs to see how Taiwan police brings harassment and fears into the daily lives of a violence victim -- and his friends, neighbors and family -- of the recent Tainan violence incident:

(1) 我被警察監控!!?? (in Chinese, a blog written by one of the students protesters)

(2) More from the Tainan Incident (By Arthur Dent)

Also, don't miss this video of the violence from a birdz view angle.

You can see that the police allowed the violence to happen, and then arrested the violence victims immediately.

But this is not the first time. The cooperation between the police and the gangsters seems to become a pattern that Ma Ying-jeou allowed it to keep going.

It's clear that the police is where the problem really is. Without any punishment on those police-turned-gangsters, Ma Ying-jeou has practically pampered Taiwan police into a force of national terrorists ...