Fallen Taiwanese platform

Following a two-day unwarned shutdown two weeks ago, the pro-green stronghold forum, Socialforce(媒抗), is again down for 3 days now. I wonder if it will ever com back this time.

In the past 6 years Socialforce has been a place providing tremendous support and inspiration to the growth of Taiwanese consciousness for many many Taiwanese. Many consider it a daily source for meeting and interacting with people who have like minds.

Now not only those pro-Taiwan people will lose the warmth and comfort of a social life in a like-minded environment - which is extremely critical for Taiwanese, but also tens of thousands of good articles, discussions, translations, information sharings accumulated in the past 6 years or so would be gone forever.

It's a terrible blow came at a very terrible time. How much more bad news do we have to take?


Anonymous [16/5/09 23:38] said...

Hi there,

The forum is back to life days ago. Just for your reference. :)