Newslets (09.02.10, Tue)

I am trying to start a new style of info sharing that I call "newslets". Essentially a style of news briefing, its contents will be mainly the current events found in news media or forums written in Chinese. That is, the materials less likely reached by English readers. It also gives me a chance to share as many topics as I want in as less time as possible. Each 'newslet' will have short intro no more than one or two paragraphs. Link(s) of the source will be provided but English description may or may not be available.

Ma government open door for China to control Taiwan's internet (09.2.10)-- Executive Yuan announced a draft amendment to the Act for Promoting Private Participation in Public Construction (促進民間參與公共建設法部份條文修正草案), aiming at: (1) internet and media is included in this act, and (2) allow China to invest. It looks like that Ma Ying-jeou is inviting China to control Taiwan's internet, at a time when China just established its internet control with its Golden Shield project.(促參引陸資 立委批後果不堪設想)

Historical drop in import and export (09.2.10)-- Ministry of Finance reported that Taiwan suffered drops in export and import on January by historical high of 44.1% and 56.5%, respectively, comparing to those of last year. The export to China and Hong Kong, the baskets Ma Ying-jeou has thrown all eggs of Taiwan in, also dropped by a historical 58.6%. (上月出口衰退44% 史上最大 )

Premier Liu's brother under investigation (09.2.10)-- for alleged violation of Public Officials' Conflicts of Interests Prevention Act ( 劉兆凱利益迴避案 監院函送法部 ).

IDFs fly without blackboxes for 17 years (09.2.9)-- One of Taiwan-made fighters (IDF) crashed in October last year (2008). The investigation led to a discovery that the record on the blackbox, supposedly 12 min 45 sec long, is completely blank. Further investigation revealed an astonishing fact: the blackboxes of ALL IDFs have never been functioning in the past 17 years, the whole life that IDF has been on service. It seems that the airforce has been lazy on routine check of their weapons.

Even more unbelievable is that the army already knew the blackbox in another IDF, crashed in April, 2004, was blank, but a full exam on all blackboxes of IDF has never come to their minds. Should we be worried? (瞎飛了17年! IDF黑盒子紀錄不全)