Newslets (09.02.12, Thur)

Ma government might agree to get Taiwan into WHO as an "area" (09.2.12)-- The spokeswoman of Taiwan Affairs Office of China (中國國台辦), Fan Liqing (范麗青), said that China government is arranging with WHO secretariat to let Taiwan enter WHO with a status of an "area." In response, Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Vice Chairman Liu Teh-hsun (劉德勳) emphasized that Taiwan has been making effort for years to enter WHO, and Taiwan needs to have a role in WHO. He later said that the government will seek solution in the future if Taiwan's status is downgraded. ( 中與世衛密商「台灣地區」參與世衛, 陸委會:台灣入IHR 若遭矮化將與WHO溝通)

Taiwan to reduce annual military exercises (09.2.12) -- to record low of 39 times, with only half of them are live ammunition maneuvers. Why? The military says it's for "energy conservation and carbon reduction" (節能減碳), a policy Ma Ying-jeou announced last year. (國軍重大演訓 半數將不開火 = 媽的!!演習不開槍還演個鳥習呀......)

Ma says 8 USA presidents since the TRA (09.2.11) -- In a meeting with American Enterprise Institute representatives, Ma Ying-jeou said that since the establishment of Taiwan Relation Act 30 years ago, due to efforts of 'eight' USA presidents - Obama included - to follow the same policy, USA is able to maintain a stable relationship in Asia. There are in fact only 6 - Carter, Reagan, 2 Bushes, Clinton, and Obama. Obama has just been in position for less than two months and is tightened up by domestic economic issues. So there are in fact only 5. (算錯美總統 馬見外賓又凸槌)

Historical stone of Japan-era damaged (09.2.12) -- Netters 陳凱劭 [1] and ono [2] researched the origin of a stone in Tong-hsing Park (my spelling, 東興公園) of Tainan City and concluded that the script on the stone was left by a Japanese army commander. Tainan City Government is slow in response to put it into protection. It's now damaged [3]. Another piece of Taiwan history got lost.( many photos in the following sites: [1]台南市東興公園台灣軍司令官本間雅晴題字石, [2]北馬之嘶碑, [3]疑似日治軍官題字石 遭破壞)