Chronicle of Taiwan Classic Literature Milestones

After 7 years of studies, "Chronicle of Taiwan Classic Literature Milestones - Ming & Qing" (my translation of "台灣古典文學大事年表.明清篇"), was published by National Cheng Kung University (成功大學) professors Shih Yi Lin (施懿琳) and Liao Mei-Yu (廖美玉).

With total of 800 pages and a time span of 244 years (from 1651 to 1895, 明朝永曆5年 to 清朝光緒21年), the Chronicle follows the time line of Taiwan literatures but also covers writers, critical literal education events, cultural activities, major social events, Qing's Taiwan administrative policies, international major events, important diplomatic polices, etc, under its 5 parts of "Literati", "Literal Education", "Taiwan Major Events", "Qing Major Events", and "Global Major Events" (文人記事、文教記事、台灣大事、清朝大事、世界大事).

It is the first reference book ever published in the field of Taiwan classic literature studies.

Ref: 全球第一本 台灣古典文學大事年表問世


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