Next Time When Mr. Ma Ying-jeou Promises Something ...

To a flip-flopping politician, a promise is a road to power.
It ends where the power starts. ~~ Taiwan Echo ~~

Taiwan President (who presents himself as a Mr. in front of China) Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九先生) announced yesterday his intention to campaign for the chairman of the ruling party KMT. (昔主張總統不得兼主席// 馬:兼黨主席 義無反顧 )

Mr. Ma Ying-jeou was elected Taiwan President in March, 2008. Before then, in October of 2007 when he needed people's votes to grab the power, he promised to the public that he will never take the position of KMT chairman no matter what happens (馬上吳下 馬今宣布選黨魁):


KMT's presidential candidate, Ma Ying-jeou, states clearly today, that although KMT doesn't have the rule to regulate if a person can take both the government president seat and KMT chairman concurrently, he will never campaign for the party chairman under any circumstance if he is elected the president. He says that the duty of a president require full focus on the state administration.

He elaborated his promise further (馬英九:專心國政 若當總統絕不兼黨主席):

When a journalist asked Ma if he will take KMT chairman concurrently after he is elected president. Ma says, "Of course not! Why on earth would I chair KMT concurrently?" Ma mentioned that KMT chairman has to be voted by party members but not be taken by the president. Ma also emphasized that the idea of "separation of party and government" is to stress that the party and government focuses on separate responsibilities, so certainly a president should focus on the state administration.

Ma says, although KMT doesn't have a rule to regulate, for example, if a KMT chairman is elected the president, he is allowed to serve the full term of chairman or resign. But no matter under what situations, he will never chair KMT concurrently.

The promise was made at a time when he needed the public to entrust him with people's power, now all gone in the wind after he got the power in hand.

Is this sort of promise-breaking new to this person ?

Check out how he flip-flops before and after he grabs the power on the issues like "condemning Tiananmen mascara", "praise Dalai Lama" ... etc.

Chinese has a idiom:

When one can't keep his promises, we can't expect him be capable of doing anything.

Considering himself who upholds the traditional, legitimate Chinese culture, Mr. Ma Ying-jeou's behavior simply proves otherwise.

Next time, when you hear this person promise you something, you should know what to expect.


In an interview of Mr. Ma on 6/11/09:

With his candidacy Ma broke his earlier promise not to serve concurrently as president and KMT chairman.


Anonymous [13/6/09 11:08] said...

He keeps telling lies over and over again sometimes seemingly trying to convince himself even it's obviously a lie. His credibility is six0foot under.

STOP Ma [15/6/09 16:08] said...

I'm shocked! Shocked I tells ya!