Ma Ying-jeou: arresting CSB too late costs his rating

Just read this from Liberty Times (馬不自我鞭策 藍色焦慮難解), don't know what to make of it:


My translation:

"Regarding to the spiraling down of Ma Ying-jeou's rating (note by Echo: it's less than 30%), Ma Ying-jeou does care. However, when he chatted with his comrades during a private meeting, surprisingly one of the reasons he mentioned was related to when Chen, Shui-bian (CSB), the former President, was arrested. According to Ma's party member, Ma Ying-jeou believes that pro-blue supporters want Ma government to arrest CSB, and failed to do so earlier is one of the main reasons for his overall rating to go down. Ma's party member say, he can only shake his head."

Does this guy really think that blue supporters will give him low rating because of that? How far is his La La land from the earth ?