How can Taiwan not be colonized ?

I didn't post any article for a long while, because I have been sick, and I have been sick of it.

But for a couple of days I have not been able to sleep well or eat well. I couldn't direct my attention to anything other than the thought that the beautiful island of Taiwan is spiraling down hill to the grave.

Forget about the economy. Ma Ying-Jeou has turned Taiwan into a slave country, a police state. The old white-terror is back.

I am particularly distressed by the fact that a group of the highest educated Taiwanese individuals (台灣教授協會,Taiwan Association of University Professors, TAUP) are making clueless moves to re-direct the energy of anti-china /anti-Ma movement, which is supposed to be a matter of life-and-death, away to an anti-legislator movement, which is about a no-where-near-any-sort-of-emergency domestic problem.

And that is carried out through an extreme way of hunger strike:

The more extreme the method used, the more energy will be steered away from the anti-china movement. And these highly educated Taiwanese professors do not have any wee bit sense of that ??

Pro-green supporters follow blindly, without the knowledge that they are driven away from a defense of their own future.

And what a great sacrifice a hunger strike is !! Nobody dare to point out the blunder to challenge this holly movement, except a guy who is so naive :

台灣亡國史第 X 章:馬特首暗渡「陳」倉,台教會絕食護航
(Sorry, it's in Mandarin)

The same day after the article was posted, I received an email from a member of TAUP, labeling me a spy sent by the blue/red camp to sabotage the hunger strike movement.

I tried to explain what consequences their movement will cause, and got a reply:

"When Chen Yunlin comes, there is DPP to take care of it."

Execute me, dear highly educated pro-green Taiwanese professors, defending Taiwan is none of your business?

As of now, 11/4, when Taiwan President District Head Ma Ying-jeou quenches all signs of a country in order to lick China representive's ass, it seems that the only thing TAUP cares is how to vote (check out their website).

How can we expect Taiwan not to be a colonized state ?

If we checkout human history for signs before a country falls, or before a dynasty is invaded/replaced by another, Taiwan probably has all of them.

So, guys, relax. Take a deep breath. Slowly. Calm. Calm.. Calm ... Don't fight the flow. Take in slowly, slowly ... until it stops.