Delusional Eric Chu and KMT's Suicidal Campaign Strategy

The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT)'s New Taipei City mayor candidate, Eric Chu (朱立倫), posted a news release on his own blog, questioning why his counter part, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)'s candidate Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文), doesn't promise clearly to finish the full term of mayor if she gets elected,

Since she announced to campaign for the New Taipei City mayor, DPP's president Tsai Ing-Wen (蔡英文) never answered directly if she will finish the full term once she gets elected. Isn't she intending to run away in the first place ?

Chu has been hammering at this topic ever since Tsai announced her campaign on May 23rd (2010). In fact, asking Tsai to promise the full term -- but not what Tsai has to offer for the New Taipei City -- seems to be Chu's major concern since day one.

Tsai already responded, on May 25th, in a press conference (video) that she will "be responsible to the end" if she is elected. That doesn't seem to slow down KMT's attack on this issue at all.

But that's not the issue here. Chu, who has the audacity to question other's commitment, is a politician with outstanding records of quitting his public service positions in the middle of the terms. As shown in the table below, the first column is Chu's political service record; the 2nd: the official Legislator term, and the 3rd: the official commissioner term. Note the dates marked with red.

Eric Chu's Runaway Record

First column: Chu's political service record; 2nd: Official Legislator term;
3rd: Office commissioner term. TCC: Taoyuan County Commissioner
Chu's history
Legislator term
TCC Term
The 4th Legislator
Start campaigning for TCC

2001/12/20 Quit!4th Legislator
14th TCC
14th TCC
15th TCC
2009/9/9 Quit!第十五屆縣長 
2009/9/1015th TCC
Vice Premier
Resign to campaign
for New Taipei City

Chu broke away from his commitments twice -- the first on 2001/12/20 when he quit the legislator (see the official record cited in [1] in the end of article) to take up the post of Taoyuan County commissioner (TCC), and the 2nd on 2009/9/9 when he quit his TCC post to be sworn in to the vice premier position. In his political career, he served only two public-elected positions (legislator and TCC), yet he dumped them both.

Why does a person of such a record think that he is in a position to question others' commitment ?

The news release I cited in the beginning might shed some light. Chu wrote:


In response to Tsai's deputy campaign chief Cheng Wen-tsang's (鄭文燦) claim that the KMT's New Taipei City mayoral candidate Eric Chu (朱立倫) has a history of leaving his public service posts three times before finishing his term (when he previously held the positions of KMT legislator, Taoyuan County commissioner (TCC) and the vice premier), Eric Chu said in the morning that he finished his legislator term before he started campaigning for the Taoyuan County commissioner , and when he left the commissioner for the position of vice premier, their was only 90 days left in his 8-year term of Taoyuan County commissioner. As for leaving the vice premier for the current campaign, he said there's no "term" for vice premier position. He said that he is indeed impressed by DPP's fact-twisting ability.

He argued, and wrote clearly in black and white, that he finished his legislator term before he started campaigning for the Taoyuan County commissioner !! In a video, he smiled at the camera and delivered that outright lie without a blink of eye:

I campaigned TCC after I finished my legislator term, at the same time as the re-election of legislators.

The as-a-matter-of-factly attitude of fact-twisting is truly mind-boggling. Did he really believe that's what happened ?

He also argued that "leaving the post only 3 months earlier before the end of the term" doesn't count as leaving the post earlier. With that kind of twisting, he went on to attack DPP being fact-twisting.

Now we know at least one thing --- he is probably in such a delusional state of total denial to the fact that he did run away from his duty twice. When a person is so far out of the touch of reality, his mental health is in serious doubt.

KMT's Suicidal Campaign Strategy

But this might not be as simple as a single politician going delusional. The KMT campaign is handled by KMT Secretary-General King Pu-tsung (金溥聰), Ma Ying-jeou's most trusted spin doctor and the master mind behind all KMT's campaign strategy. Chu's move has to be approved by King. In fact, Chu's delusional statement echoes King's, which was made on the same day.

It triggers some pondering on KMT's campaign approach: Chu has a complete record of breaking away, yet Tsai has none. So Chu is like "using own weakness to attack others' strength." Isn't that suicidal? The more Chu chases this subject, the more people will be reminded of Chu's own record of dumping his commitments, not to mention that this attack is delivered in a manner of Chu going delusional. Chu's credibility will be further crashed, and his mental health will be questioned. Both would seriously jeopardize his chance of winning the New Taipei City election.

Why on earth would the KMT adopt this stupid and apparently suicidal strategy to trash her own candidate ?

It is even more suspicious if we take into account that Chu is considered Ma Ying-jeou's successor in the KMT. Not only is it the consensus of public opinion, but also Ma's move of making him the vice premier is considered a pre-arrangement for KMT's future. Sacrificing KMT's next generation leader is like eradicating KMT's own lineage.

Previously I pointed out that the KMT plans to use admitting incompetence on all fronts as their campaign strategy. In which I asked why the KMT would adopt a self-trashing approach for the year-end campaign. Chu's move described here pushes the KMT one step further along the suicidal path.

But, why ? Do Ma and King have a priority other than winning the Battle-Of-Five-Cities - the year-end election that is considered the most critical for Ma if he wants to win the 2012 presidential election, such that they don't mind sacking KMT's own lineage ?


[1] The official record of Legislation Yuan on Chu's profile . Chu's mid-term runaway is highlighted in red on the official site. Magnified here:

[2] Chu's profile on his own website, on which clearly written that he switched from legislator to TCC on 2001.

[3] Chu's lying video: 綠批落跑3次 朱嗆勿胡扯硬拗-民視新聞 in which Chu delivered fact-twisting statements shamelessly.

[4] Chu wrote in black and white his shameless fact-twisting on his own blog.

[5] Chu's wiki (in Chinese). Note that in Chu's English wiki page, his legislator term is not listed.


mike [19/8/10 16:13] said...

Dear Echo

Perhaps you can enlighten me as to the following:

1) What are the most difficult problems a new Mayor of Taipei will face?

2) To whom does the money behind Chu belong?

3) What are the short-term strategic objectives of the KMT in Taipei?

I would imagine that the answers to these questions might shed some light on Chu's behaviour.

Taiwan Echo [20/8/10 09:45] said...

Hi Mike,

Honestly, I don't have answers to the questions you asked. I don't have enough info to grasp the events to that details, especially for 1) and 2). If you have some ideas, it would great to hear from you.

For 3), I am still observing. One thing I seriously doubt is that Ma Ying-jeou really wants to win the year-end election. To achieve that, he will have to help -- or to see -- a new KMT star booming up. With his own crapping approval rate, a rising blue star would probably be a threat to his power greater than any DPP leader. That is definitely against his personal interest.

So, to secure his own power, Ma and his team have to ensure that no other KMT member goes popular. The KMT is something he can't drop, but also something he can't see it grow. At this moment, the Chinese Communist is his only friend.