Ma Ying-jeou Said Government Can't Blame Bad Economics to Global Environment ?

Liberty Times reported in an article titled "Ma Ying-jeou said: there's no hope if we don't replace the president" (桃園〉馬英九:總統不換 經濟無望):

In a campaign movement, Ma Ying-jeou talked to his supporters that if we don't replace the president, there will be no hope for economics and peace, because in order to save Taiwan we need to replace the president.

Ma also said that when Chen Shui-bian was elected, Chen's approval rate was as high as 80%. Ma said that it's hard to believe that Chen's approval rate went down from 80% to below 50% in 4 years. Ma Ying-jeou stressed that it's natural to step down when you can't do a good job.

Ma also criticized that the government shouldn't blame the bad economics to the bad global environment. He said, the role of a president is to bring people through the crisis. He asked, if a president blames the crisis to the big international environment, then what do we need a president for ?

Did Ma Ying-jeou suddenly found his lost conscience and learned to admit his incompetence ?

Urrh-huh .... remind you, this was back in 2004, aiming at Chen Shui-bian's government.

It's now Ma Ying-jeou's government. Of cause Ma Ying-jeou is different from Chen Shui-bian --- Ma managed to have his own approval rate dropped from 75% to 23% in 6 months.

So I guess now it's ok for the government to blame the bad economics to the global environment ...