[0606] Ma threatened the law : the government be run by different party

Ma Ying-Jeou, after being reluctant to get involved in the recall of President Chen for a while, now is actively leading his party KMT toward the goal of the recall in full speed. And, according to this report, KMT has an opinion on the progress of investigation on the "so-called" scandals . They think that the law enforcement doesn't "make the investigation speedy enough to satisfy KMT." So, now, the law in Taiwan DOES serve KMT ?????

More rediculous is how KMT's president Ma commented on this. He actually threatened the entire Taiwan investigation system by saying:

"One day the government will be run by a different party"
"All the things and people (about the current investigation) could be investigated (by the new government)"

How could a political leader in a supposedly democratic country openly threaten the entire law system with possible future retaliation in such a blunt manner ? And he threatens the law simply because that the way the investigation proceeds doesn't satify KMT's thirst !!

Ma also "announced" his "five-big-reasons" for pushing the recall:

1. To teach next generation ( by showing them what they could end up with for being pro-green? )
2. For Taiwanese dignity ( So Taiwanese dignity is saved by surrendering to pan-blue's society-breaking action? )
3. For Taiwan's democracy ( by showing people how to punish a person for a crime he never commited? )
4. For DPP's future ( Huh? When is Ma the DPP president as well ? )
5. To warn the law system ( HUH??? By threatening them that pan-blue can even recall a president, let alone any law guy ? )

In response to Chen's rebuttal against the accusation of him mentioned by pan-blue, Ma said:

"It's not me who asked him to corrupt; I told him not to corrupt, but he didn't listen to me. You can't blame me for that ..."

Now, in order to make his move of recall sounds justified, Ma has crossed the line of rationale and accused openly Chen of corruption, which is a shameless lie. He knew that President Chen didn't corrupt but now in order to achieve his personal agenda he'd rather lie.

So, how can you imagine a person like Ma won't fold under pressure ? Do you like him to be your future president ?


Anonymous [20/6/06 08:33] said...

I just love how you read this in the worst possible light and rant against it. Very deep of you.

Anonymous [9/7/06 00:12] said...

I am a curious foreigner that lives in the Eastern U.S. and has never been to Taiwan.
I have a question about local politics:
After reading about Taiwan, I am really confused.

What do the Pan-Blues want?
Surely they don't think that reunification with China will mean more freedom for Taiwan?
Are they not wary of communism?
What benefits do they think Taiwan will get from reunification?

Another thing that I am not quite sure of is this:
Why is relations with China such a big thing in electoral politics?
It seems to me that there are so many other things politicians might talk about instead that would be more relevant to people's everyday lives (increasing tourism, home ownership, banking reform etc.).

Lastly, I think any government of Taiwan should focus intensely on developing the country further, increasing democracy and local culture (as well as business and technology). The reason I say that is I think more than anything else, Taiwan should take steps to form its own destiny. No need for symbolic stuff to enrage China. If they don't want Taiwan to declare formalindependence, then that is fine. I just think Taiwan should find ways to increase the cultural distance between themselves and the mainland, so that as time goes by re-unification will become naturally more difficult.
In 20 or 30 years, a culture that is used to democracy and free speech would not be too excited to move backwards.

What do you think? I will post this question in your blog and hope for comments.

-John (brunsboy12 at yahoo is my e-mail)

Anonymous [27/1/09 12:40] said...
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