[0606] Ma: Chen will die a very tragic death !!

-- in response to Michael Turton's post Ma Ying-Jeou, Man in Motion

Ma (Ying-Jeou, 馬英九) doesn't seem to up to the job of a leader (of Pan-blue's). After holding up his attitude about recall for the presidency for days, in order to convince pan-blue supporters that he is still the leader, he said something like these:

"I could be very cruel when time comes."

"If Chen doesn't resign, but instead steps down by recall, he will die a tragic death !!"

What kind of political leader in a democratic country would use that kind of language, especially in a seriously divided society ? It's more like the barbarian communist politicians threatening their opponents.

With him going gradually closer to the center of political conflict, Ma does slowly reveal his true nature.

馬:不辭 扁會死得很難看


In response to an anonymous reader's post:

The point isn't on whether Ma was calling for Chen's assassination or not. In a society, not to mention a heavily divided one, any responsible political learder would always consider the impact of his/her words on easily provoked supporters, and avoid any hint or encouragement that might, on some emotional people, lead to violent actions.

Obviouisly Ma doesn't care about the possible violent consequence of what he said. He doesn't care if his words are taken as a 'go' signal for executing an assassination.

Or, maybe it's not fair to say so --- maybe that's exactly what he wanted. We don't really know, do we? Maybe that 'signal' has already triggered a secret plot under the surface, who knows ?

Don't forget the fact that 3(?) years ago there was a pan-blue guy openly called for a team to assassinate the president. That "call for assassination" news was all over the media.


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