Taipei District Prosecutors Humiliate the Accused of Their Ongoing Investigations

There are many unbelievable things in Taiwan's judiciary system, especially in Taipei. For example, at a time they had no evidence against Chen Shui-bian, prosecutors from Taipei Prosecutor Office held a press conference and swore, in front of the public, that they will all resign if they can't place charges on Chen before a specified time.

I thought that is enough to show how low the quality of Taipei's prosecutors can get. I was wrong.

In a celebration of the 63rd Law Day (司法節), a day (Jan. 11th) established in 1943 to mark the judicial independence of ROC (from interventions of other countries), Taipei District Prosecutor Office arranged a show on the stage to humiliate the accused, the former President Chen Shui-bian, who is still under THEIR OWN ongoing investigations. Check out how they played out the humiliation:


Presecutor Chang An-chen (張安箴) played the role of a criminal on the stage. When she was cuffed, she raised her hands and shouted,

"Judicial Persecution!"
"The court police beat up people!"
"I want to have wounds examed!"

These acts mimic Chen Shui-bian when Chen was detained last year.

The entire room -- full of judges, attorneys, prosecutors and lawyers, probably several hundreds of them -- brought into laughters.

Prosecutor Deng Chiao-ling (鄧巧羚) also participated in this insulting play. She is the prosecutor who asked heavy punishment of 10-year jail time for former Investigative Bureau chief Yeh Sheng-mao (葉盛茂).

The director behind this act of mocking scheme is Ching Chi-jen (慶啟人), the Chief Prosecutor of Taipei District Prosecutors Office. She was the prosecutor who went to Swiss and Singaporean authorities for help in Chen Shui-bian's accused overseas money laundering case (see here and here) . She is said to be one of those who leaks private information of this on-going case.

When asked about the mocking show, she replied,

"This show more or less expresses the warm side of those prosecutors and their strong stand on justice"

Uhhh ??? Can anyone elaborate what she's talking about ?

It's a mystery how these prosecutors can turn the exercise of the law into an entertainment, in the expense of humiliation of the current accused. Are these people mentally ill ? Psychologically handicapped ? Or simply haven't reached the age of maturity yet ?

With the prosecutors having the mindset like that, how can we rely on their hands to have the justice served ?

More (most in Chinese):


Anonymous [13/1/09 18:59] said...

Echo, that is just sick. Even if Chen never existed, it is still sick to present an AIDs victim in that way.

David [13/1/09 22:03] said...

Shameless. I feel sickened by this. What I would really like to write here is not fit for print.

Amy Lin [14/1/09 03:41] said...

This video is wrong on so many levels I can't even begin to enumerate. Taiwan's judicial system (and the people who make up such system) is broken.

Anonymous [14/1/09 05:43] said...

Un-fucking-believable. . .

Basically I give up on Taiwan. If the Taiwanese people continue putting up with this shit then really. . . they deserve it.

Paul R Katz [21/1/09 14:04] said...

Many thanks for posting your comment on The China Beat. Much appreciated!

Anonymous [1/2/09 18:19] said...

So basically the logic is "yipee good, all the apparent money laundering by CSB caught red-handed even in UN perspective, is not true, see, we prove it by saying we believe it is not true, therefore Taiwan government justice system sick and dictatorship because we feel that criminals are okay but prosecutors are sick". Hell can't you get by in this world without CSB, maybe you're part of the same.

Taiwan Echo [1/2/09 23:54] said...

Anon:"So basically the logic is "yipee good, all the apparent money laundering by CSB caught red-handed even in UN perspective, is not true, see, we prove it by saying we believe it is not true"

How could anyone possibly imagine such a conclusion from this post?

You do have problems understand English, don't you ?

Anonymous [14/11/09 12:11] said...

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