Bill Clinton: Work Together to Bring the Country (USA) Forward

Did you watch the Clinton's speech last night, the 2nd night of USA's Democrat's National Convention (DNC) 2012?

It was called the most influential, most critical speech in years. The CNN commentators David Gergen, who served as an adviser to 4 presidents before, said that it is the best speech he ever saw Bill Clinton gave in Clinton's entire political life.

If we take into account that, before this speech, Clinton is already considered one of the best speakers in the USA --- his talks have always been mesmerizing, and his style of speech was often treated as a teaching material for lessons in speeches and body languages, meaning that his speech quality in the past already were exceeding those of others, the credit of "the best speech in his career" really means a whole lot.

There are a lot of ingredients in his speech --- democracy, hope, economic profile, president's role, what Obama has achieved to make the country better, powerful rebuttals to all those lies the Republicans put out there, and most import message for Taiwanese to take home --- cooperation between the two parties to bring the country forward, which pin-points the core and cause of the downward spiral of Republicans in recent years -- irrational, extreme, confrontational, allergic to the idea of compromise, spreading lies and hatred and don't mind to grind the country down to a complete halt in order to cripple Obama.

His speech was interrupted constantly by audience who stood up with big applause. Each time, Clinton has to stop them from getting too excited. After the speech, some voiced that they want Clinton to run for the president next time.

In the CNN political forum, Alex Castellanos, a Republican, said last night that Clinton saved the Democrats. He said that when the Republicans Democrats walk out of the room after the speech, they don't have to come back for the 3rd day conference the next day, because the Democrats already win the election.

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