[0703] DPP poll: 69% think Taiwan is an independent state

DPP announced a poll :

Who defines Taiwan status (台海現狀)Taiwanese 83.2%China
government 1.7%
Both 6.4%
Is Taiwan an independent sovereignty state? Yes 69.2%  
Is Taiwan part of China? Yes 14.6%  
A referendum is required when signing sovereignty-related agreements with China Yes 84.8% No 9.7% 
Join United Nations in the name of "Taiwan" Yes 70.6% No 19.6 

It seems that Taiwanese conscience has already become the majority in Taiwan. I recalled President Chen said earlier that, by the time of the 2008 Presidential Election, Taiwanese consicience would rise to a level that any candidate advocating for "Unification with China" will have no chance at all of getting elected. I never truely believe in what he said like this one before ... :)


Anonymous [23/3/07 11:32] said...

An pollster worth his salt can conduct a poll that jives with his client's wish. We all know there are lies, lies and statistics.

Anonymous [27/1/09 12:43] said...
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